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Salam and hai all ! My full name as in ic is Nur Husna Afiqah binti Mohd Johari. i'm Unaa, 7teen original Pahang's girl. SPM candidates this year. Just love to write without a reason. Crazy to write about everything to tell everyone BUT more to my life act. me ♥ them, people who ♥ me. and for you HATERS, hear me. I don't give a damn about what are you doing to say to me. Because i know who i am and what i are. if once you HATE me, more than 100 i hate you !

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fourth entry .
Isnin, 6 Februari 2012 | 0 comments

hai peepps ! long time no see me right ? Haiyaa.. wa banyak busy meyhh. Fuhh fuhh ! kayy, tiup habuk siket. \HAHA /  Berlakun jee lebih. act, aku sedih tahap gile gaban. Banyak sangat dugaan. kayy, lupakan. Nanti bertambah-tambah sedih aku.

Anyway, hows this belog ? Cungg takk ? Mesti la kan ? Sweet pink gitu. Thanks Nina bagi aku blogskins neh, ilysdm ! hee,,

thats all for this entry. hope korang okey la dengan belog wa neh. PiNK !

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